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Carol Quinn
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 09:00 pm EST
Come take a journey with us through your natal (birth) chart and learn astrology as you uncover your soul's path for you in this lifetime. Through a series of selected topics and basic astrological principles, we will help you connect "the stars" in your chart in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of self, as well as a clearer view of how to use your chart in a way that allows you to work with the timing and unfolding of your purpose. We will also discover and be shown how to follow the thread of joy that ties it all together. Spirit will join use for additional insights and messages during each class. A new natal Chart will be provided for your use.
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The cycle of the Moon is a tide of energy for all life on Earth. Each New Moon is a unique fresh start, flavored by the Zodiacal sign and the other planets’ place in the sky. Learn the energy of this Scorpio New Moon and how it will influence all Sun signs. Time permitting, we will look at individual charts to see the exact placement of the Moon. Come prepared with your time, day, and location of your birth if you would like to share your chart.
Sexuality is a powerful tool for manifestation, power and life change. In this introductory class Dr Pam will introduce you to sacred sexuality, conscious loving, and Tantra. Sex-- the word alone can bring up a lot in a woman. It is loaded with information from media, past trauma, bad relationships and love gone by. And in contrast, Sex is one of the most amazing creators of all times. It brings babies into the world, bonds couples for years, makes millions of dollars and has power to change our world. In this health talk you will have the opportunity to explore the idea of sacred sexuality. And be guided to heal and enhance your relationship to sexuality in partnership. Dr Pam will talk about some very HOT topics in a very safe and sacred language formed by her experience with Yoga, Tantra, and OM. Dr Pam has been coaching love, relationships, sexuality and female empowerment for over 10 years and has a lot of information that can help you expand your perspective of sexuality. Dr Pam will answer the following 1. What is sacred sexuality? 2. What does it mean to healing the female body? 3. How can you participate in this form of healing with or with out a partner? 4. What is conscious love? 5. How can sexuality help you to manifest your dreams and shape your desires? In the course of an hour Dr Pam will guide you to connect, breathe and be in touch with the vital energy of your own feminine body and she will help you fall in love with the idea of reshaping your relationship to all three transformers love, sex and money.
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Coach trainer, international speaker, author, and healer Dr. Pam Denton is founder of Sacred O Evolution Coaching: SuperCORE Fitness, BreatheFit, The Mind Cleanse, GoddessCORE, ROAR, and Leadership Evolution. She is the author of numerous books, has appeared on TV, and is featured on many podcasts. Dr. Pam works with organizations, teams, athletes and business leaders to activate high performance by employing her powerful strategy of Neuro Energetic Repatterning and Inner Upgrades. Her intensively researched mind-body approach to empowerment has helped thousands of leaders plug into their innate power and activate the law of attraction for unstoppable success. She is the author of numerous books, including She Means Business, Leadership Evolution, Messages from Spirit and Journey to Female Power. Dr. Pam has inspired audiences for over 20 years with her motivational success-driven strategies driven by the science of transformation, she began her career as a chiropractor and integrative wellness practitioner, during which time she owned and operated two successful wellness and coaching centers. She went on to create her signature coaching programs in female empowerment, energy medicine for transformation, and heart-centered leadership, which evolved into her current Sacred O Evolution Coach Training for upgrading Leaders. She is well known for her work with women in business and is the founder of many programs for women, including Project Woman Mastermind and the Rise to the Top Training. She served three terms as President of the Syracuse, New York chapter of the global network FemCity. In 2016-19, she created three successful conferences: The Intuitive Expo for Mind Body Leadership, Inspire Leadership Conference, and Superpower Your Success Conference. Dr. Pam lives and breathes speaking. She feels that today’s seemingly insurmountable challenges and stressors require a new form of motivational speaking - one that delivers immediate relief and activates present time results with passion, determination, and follow-through. Dr. Pam's formula for speaking will educate, inspire, and give your audience the empowerment they need to shift immediately. Fitness, breathwork, and neurological upgrade expert Dr. Pam will motivate, educate, energize, and move your audience through a dynamic combination of motivational speaking, positive visualizations, SuperCORE movement, and BreatheFit exercises - done from a chair. Her powerful positivity, depth of knowledge, and authentic delivery will ignite your audience’s energy, release stress, stimulate connection between team members, and provide simple tools for achieving greater satisfaction and productivity. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Pam has led countless Superpower Performance coaching groups and has trained dozens of leadership coaches in the areas of women’s empowerment, business, and sports. She has brought her leadership coaching to a wide variety of corporations and organizations, including IBM, Athleta, Northwestern Mutual, MetLife, hospitals, the United States Air Force, and more. She speaks globally about Superpower Upgrades and teaches business leaders and teams how to harness power of the mind-body to facilitate, empower, and sustain new patterns of leadership for immediate high performance results.
My name is Dana Claudat and I am the feng shui mind behind The Tao of Dana. I am a Stanford-educated Art Historian, a certified Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant and an insatiable writer and designer. My original Tumblr blog, The Tao of Dana, started as an experiment to see if I could teach and share feng shui in a fresh, new way. Two years later, it is a cult-classic success, which led me to found this major portal of all my best lifestyle-enhancing goodies spanning the spectrum of life. This passion project has become my life's mission; bringing balance, beauty, greater happiness and prosperity to the world is my dream. There is not a space in the world that couldn't be improved in small or big ways; by changing spaces, lives also change in small and big ways.
Organization expert Lisa Zaslow has never forgotten what she learned as a 10-year-old Girl Scout: Leave every place better than you found it. Lisa spent 15 years working in management consulting and corporate human resources, for companies including American Express, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, The New York Times and Citibank. Then, in 2000, armed with a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, Lisa founded Gotham Organizers. Over the past 10 years, Lisa and her team have helped thousands of individuals and businesses be more productive, more organized and less stressed. Lisa's expertise is regularly featured in the media, on shows like Inside Edition, ABC News Now and The Nate Berkus show and her advice appears in publications including The New York Times, Real Simple, Entrepreneur, InStyle and many others. Get free organizing tips from Lisa at GothamOrganizers.com
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