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How many times have you told your child to stop watching that rubbish on TV? How often have you moaned about their obsession with video games? Do you believe our young people are getting less intelligent by the year? If only they would go outside and do the great things we used to do as kids. What if everything you thought you knew was wrong? What if what you thought was bad for your children was actually making them smarter? In this radical seminar Sarah de-myths some of the thoughts and opinions around modern children and give you a new way to look at the situation. In this webinar you will learn: 1. How TV is becoming more complex and making our children use their brains more. 2. How video games are so good they are being used to train future executives. 3. How popular culture is making our children smarter and facilitating more complex thought processes. Participants will leave with an insight into how modern culture is impacting our young people, and the way
When you hear the word “inspiration” what do you think? Can you think of someone who has inspired you? How did they make you feel? What did they make you want to do? Is inspiration something you can use to improve the environment of care and ultimately the patient experience? Ground breaking research from Performance Inspired, Inc. has clearly shown that inspiration is far from fluff or accidental in nature. In fact, inspiration is set of seven well-defined drivers that can be leveraged to proactively tackle the unique challenges facing healthcare institutions today. How to engage and retain staff, improve quality and service, increase communication and collaboration, and navigate an uncertain reform environment are all top of mind issues for health care leaders. Validated work place studies have shown that activating inspiration addresses these challenges in a foundational and sustainable fashion that leads to higher levels of engagement, retention, productivity, and customer service. In this executive conversation “Inspiration: The Birth of a Discipline”, expert guests Larry Mohl and Terry Barber from Performance Inspired Inc. will discuss the science of inspiration and how you can put the drivers into practice in a way that equips your leaders and staff with the skills and tools they need to build a patient-centered, highly connected and resilient organization. You are one of only 12 leaders being invited to participate in this dialogue. So join us, and you’ll leave inspired, and fired up to inspire others in your organization. I will be following up with you over the next few days in hopes of having you as one of our 12 guests.
An assessment of some of the best practices and common pitfalls found on Vegan business, community and blogger Pages. Learn what to do and what not to do. While I've done reviews of popular Facebook pages like Starbucks and Red Bull, I haven't seen an extensive analysis of the ever growing volume of Vegan Facebook Page. So, I thought I would personally do this review and share my results with you. Topics Covered: - Innovative ideas for giveaways and contests - Top three engagement tools - Who's using apps to engage fans - My favorite Facebook cover images and why? - Examples of the worst preforming posts - Top 5 things every Facebook page needs
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Stephanie Redcross is the founder and managing director of Vegan Mainstream – a San Diego-based marketing company that strives to bring mindful companies and services into the mainstream. Having observed her parents’ entrepreneurial spirits and experiences in business ownership, Stephanie learned early on that passion and hard work are the cornerstones to success. Passionate herself about living and advocating a vegan lifestyle for health, environmental, and ethical reasons, Stephanie has made it her life mission to help likeminded entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies reach and exceed their goals. She also hopes to encourage all businesses to consider both the marketing viability and ethical importance of shifting to veg-friendly products and services.
Performance Inspired, Inc. helps organizations activate the science of inspiration to elevate workplace performance and customer advocacy. We provide consulting, experiential learning, engaging media, research, and tools through a simple 5-step process. Whether it's building leaders, navigating change, improving collaboration, or increasing brand activation we can help you move from perspiration to inspiration and get your organization wired to inspire.
HandsOn Network, the volunteer-focused arm of Points of Light Institute, is the largest volunteer network in the nation and includes more than 250 HandsOn Action Centers in 16 countries. HandsOn includes a powerful network of more than 70,000 corporate, faith and nonprofit organizations that are answering the call to serve and creating meaningful change in their communities. Annually, the network delivers approximately 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at about $600 million.
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