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Andrea Beaman
Recorded: Dec 15, 2021 at 07:05 am EDT
Fed up with dieting? There is no need to ever count calories, fat grams, or weigh portions again. Achieving your ideal weight can be effortless as a result of living and eating in a health-promoting way. Learn to get the nutrients your body needs, reduce/eliminate cravings, and feel great in your body without dieting. Join me for this entertaining and educational class that can help get your beautiful head (and body) out of a dieting mindset and into a delicious reality.
This certification includes 10 of Andrea's classes on holistic cooking remedies for healthy organs and knowledge for healing the body using food and herbs. To receive the certification you must view each video and take the accompanying test. The system will automatically grade your tests and pass you when you complete them satisfactorily. After finishing all components of the certification you will receive a certificate from the AB Academy and Learn It Live. The 10 classes include: Cooking for Heart Health Cooking to Support Kidneys Healing Candida Supporting Your Gut Health Love Your Liver Nourish Your Adrenals Culinary Herbs as Medicine! Delicious Recipes & Herbal Remedies for Thyroid Health Cooking for Winter Health and Immunity Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Boost Energy Plus there is a bonus class on Supporting Bone Health
Suzanne Faith
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Aug 25, 2021 at 11:30 am EDT
Summer is the season to celebrate life and play in the water. Dive into a set of yoga practices that will shape your body and renew your energy. Learn simple and powerful techniques to build strength in the legs, hips and shoulders. Invoke a cleansing so your prana flows more optimally and skin looks refreshed. Shift your perception and awaken your senses in order to cultivate more optimism. Join Suzanne for a deep dive into the body, mind and heart through asana, pranayama and meditation. All levels.
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Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, health educator, thyroid expert, holistic health coach and herbalist, dedicated to alternative healing, and sustainable eating and living. Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo's Top Chef. She is a regularly featured expert on CBS News, and hosted the Award Nominated, Fed UP! A cooking show that educates viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments.
Liz graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in May of 2000. She has worked in the Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and a TRX group instructor.Following a running injury in 2003, Liz began Pilates and discovered how valuable it was to her then 24-year-old body. She completed the full STOTT Pilates certification in 2005 and launched the first MIDTOWN Pilates program. She worked eight years as a manager and instructor before leaving a large club setting for a studio and focusing only on her Pilates education and training. When Liz is not teaching in the studio she enjoys running, volunteering at her children’s school, baking and training her new Labrador puppy Piper Jane.
Shannon Myers, MS, CRC, CMHIMIP, is a Trauma-Informed Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Psychedelic Integration Provider, Spiritually Transformative Experience Integration Provider, Reiki Practitioner, Adjunct Professor, and the Founder of The Integrative Counselor™, a root-cause, private Integrative Medicine practice serving individuals, families, groups, systems, and organizations across the U.S. Shannon addresses the bi-directional, root-cause nature of physical and mental health symptoms from the individual to the population levels. Shannon has consulted with, served, and trained tens of thousands of clients, healthcare professionals, and organizations over the span of her career. She is a human rights, disability, civil rights, and health advocate. Her website can be found at: www.theintegrativecounselor.com
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