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Areas of Expertise
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Hello, I'm Sheri Boyce, Creator of Evolve Spiritual Development Academy and Fusion Divine Healing Method. My divine purpose is to help people connect with themselves, provide guidance, assist in their healing, and be a mentor and teacher for growth and development. I am honored to have been able to help hundreds of people around the world on their journey and am truly blessed to continually be doing my life's work.

I am based in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada, but frequently assist others from around the globe thanks to Skype, e-mail and online learning platforms such as here on ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Creator of Fusion Divine Healing Method
Certified Usui Reiki Master & Instructor
Former Ordained Spiritual Minister of the Alliance of Divine Love
Certified Thetahealer
Angelic Practitioner
Diploma in Community Support Work

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About Evolve Spiritual Development Academy
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This program is for anyone feeling called to develop themselves spiritually, take a journey of self-exploration, and wanting to learn to heal themselves and others using various tools and techniques. Fusion is designed to encourage you to develop your own unique healing "formula" personal to you. This allows you to stand in your true authenticity as a Healer and thus amplifying your gifts and creating a powerful healing session for others. Becoming a Fusion Healer is a way of life. It is understanding that life is all in perspective and there is no one way to do something, so you should be open to all things rooted in love. It is always looking at all the parts that make up the whole- that everything is connected and we must always be looking for those connections, especially the one between body-mind-spirit. Fusion is a four week, certification program of learning, loving, healing and growing. After you complete the program you will not only be more in touch with yourself, but you will be able to begin providing Healing sessions for others. In class there will be time to go over some of the material in each module, have some interactive exercises to do and share about experiences. Each week you can expect to have things to work on at home such as worksheets, focuses or spiritual exercises. At the end of the course students who have participated and evolved throughout the program will then be certified as a Fusion Healer. Week 1 � Life is perspective � Universal balance - why things happen � Everything is energy � The Soul & Soul evolution � Spirituality and Religion � Spiritual awakenings � The Law of Attraction � Death of the Ego, Dark Night of the Soul, NDE's � The Law of Attraction � Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers � Chakras & Auras � Karma/Karmic lessons � Seven Planes of Existence � Spirits, entities, shadow people � Spirit guides � Angels & Archangels � Elementals � Power animals/animal messages � Astrology � Numerology � Synchronicity Week 2 � Moon Energy � Sacred Geometry & symbols � Kundalini, Tantra � Lucid dreaming, Astral Projection, Remote viewing � Brain waves � Akashic Records � Feng Shui � Past lives � Dreams � Soul Mates, Twin Flames � Soul Contracts � Personality Types � Love exchanges � Archetypes � Control dramas, parent energy � Psychics, Mediums, Channellers � Spiritual gifts/how we receive information (the "clairs") � The body, mind, soul connection � Alkaline & acidic foods � Water- Dr.Emoto � Eating for your body type � Happy body: foods + movement + stimuli Week 3 � Our basic needs � Exploring emotions through the Chakras � Self-image & labels � Belief Systems � Being present � Acceptance � Self-care � Gratitiude � 7 day Chakra Balancing challenge � Goal setting for manifesting � Meditation � The road to finding your life's purpose � Using spiritual tools (sage, palo santo, essential oils, candles, sound, etc.) � Cleansing, sealing & blessing a space � Crystals & crystal grids � Healing methods from around the world � Affirmations � Plants for healing Week 4 � Fusion beliefs/oath � Fusion symbol introductions, activation, calling in your own symbol � Components of a healing � Setting boundaries with the universe � Grounding, protecting, connecting � Calling in energy � Working with spiritual helpers � Sensing energy � Energy cords � Clearing energy channels/moving energy � Remote healing � Group healing � Learning to receive messages from the universe � Creating your own healing formula � Relaying information to clients � Ethics, professionalism, opening your own practice � Fusion way of life � Oath & Certification
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