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Meredith McCowan is a Professional Astrologer practicing in St. Paul, MN. Astrology found its way to her after a lifelong interest in science, metaphysics, astronomy and spirituality. She practices Evolutionary Astrology which focuses on the Soul's growth & development through lifetimes on the wheel of karma. Meredith is also a dream worker and certified in Reiki and Crystal Healing. You can find out more about her and her services at earthlingastrology.com.
Thirty years ago, when Dr. Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records - the archive of our souls journey -- she felt that she had come home. Just two years later, she began teaching and never looked back! Having engaged in spiritual studies throughout her adult life, Linda now embarked on an Amazing Akashic Adventure, navigating sacred infinity. By making her Pathway Prayer Process(c) to access the heart of the Records freely available, Linda started a global movement enabling secular people to now consciously and reliably access the Records for themselves and others. Over the years, an inspired, comprehensive curriculum was revealed to her, and in 2002 she founded her Center for Akashic Studies to expand the reach of Akashic Light and Love throughout the world. Through her Certification classes and award-winning books, Linda offers methodology designed to help students consciously and responsibly experience and express their souls purposes, and engage the Records directly for insight, guidance, and practical spiritual wisdom. And now, by popular demand, Linda offers video classes online to make her work even more accessible to seekers across the globe. LHOCAS - the Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies - offers you both live and on-demand (prerecorded) classes, as well as classes that offer a combination of approaches. In LHOCAS, you can work with Linda or with one of her Elite Certified Teachers, each of whom she has thoroughly trained. . Certification classes are developed and delivered by Linda. Inspire and illuminate your spiritual path as you learn the fundamentals for a dynamic soul-level connection within your Akashic Records. These are foundation classes for Lindas method - including her Pathway Prayer Process(c) - and are recognized as requirements for the 2021 Teacher Certification Training, . Discover various ways of working in the Akashic Records to accelerate your personal growth and transformation with the LHOCAS Enrichment Series. Sessions are developed by Elite Certified Teachers to support your practice in the Records, using the Pathway Prayer Process(c).These sessions are not intended to be foundation classes for Lindas method, and are not a substitute for Certification Classes.
For more than 25 years Carla Wainwright has been in service to womxn on the path of embodiment, embracing her indwelling power, and connecting to the Divine Feminine. This work entails going deep to release fear, shame, guilt and trauma so that she can become balanced and strong on all levels, and ultimately connected with her feminine creativity, sexuality and personal power. A former wildlife biologist and homeopathic practitioner, Carla runs a yoga studio in Prince George, British Columbia and is the head Creatrix of a global movement called Embracing Shakti which focuses on honouring feminine wisdom. She is a breathworker, an Earth Priestess and a healer. Carla is in a long-term loving partnership with her beloved and together they are raising 3 free-range kids. Her desire is that womxn everywhere experience more ease, grace, nourishment, pleasure, turn-on and desire to become more fully realized and celebrate all the parts of herself.
Danielle Levy is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (R.H.N), Nutrition Consultant (N.C), and plant-based cook based in Montreal. She is a graduate of Bauman College and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Specializing in energy levels, digestive (GI) health, and weight management. Her integrative and comprehensive approach focuses on a whole-food diet and the development of a balanced lifestyle, through a whole-person (holistic) lens. As a nutrition educator, Danielle is passionate about empowering others to experience optimal health and wellbeing.
Ella Mesma is the published author of Journal to Joy and director of award winning company Business Yoga (Prestige award 2020). Ella is a teacher, a coach and a dance artist. Business Yoga is a workplace wellness concept offering online and in person sessions designed to empower staff to look after themselves and support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. In order to help companies and staff combat stress and the pressure of deadlines, Business Yoga 23onMe classes, 23onMe productivity timer and 23onMe membership offer short sharp solutions to embed good practise without taking up too much time. Ella has been practising yoga since 2004, and been teaching since 2011. She trained with Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training, Karam Kriya School & Yoga Teachers College® and practises Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Trapeze. As a trained dancer, performance highlights have included Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Olympics Opening Ceremony, Southpaw and Uchenna. She is also director of international touring Ella Mesma Dance Company.
Alex Bovkis was certified as a Classical Yoga Teacher in the summer of 2004. Since then she has taken several advanced teachers trainings and is qualified as an E-RYT 500, which translates as Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. This high level of qualification is required in order to train yoga teachers. She is currently directing a Yoga Alliance approved 250 hour Yoga Teachers Training, as well as Yoga Alliance approved 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. Having over a thousand training hours and over 20,000 teaching hours behind her, she continues to explore this incredible path of yoga further. She continues to study with several different teachers from different yoga styles and trains in encompassing both the breadth and the depth of yoga. Her passion is chanting in Sanskrit, the ancient language in which Yoga Scriptures were written. Chanting is used as a sound meditation; it is cleansing, rejuvenating and energizing. She currently leads a Yoga Philosophy weekly class, studying Bhagavad Gita. The class is light in nature, making the teachings accessible. Students are encouraged the share their ideas and engage in discussions. Alex’s yoga classes are geared towards relaxation and release of stress, calming of the mind and opening the body and re-aligning. She invites her students to use their yoga practice to gain insights into their patterns and habits, discovering and becoming more conscious of hidden layers in their personality.
Dr. Craig Martin has been in practice for 25 years as an astrologer and spiritual guide. He is the author of “Elemental Love Styles”, a guide for finding relationship success. As an interfaith minister and holistic healer, Dr. Craig has spent his life studying worldwide, cross-cultural, metaphysical practices. From those studies, he developed his unique approach to counseling and astrology. Find more information at https://www.sageofstars.com/
My connection to clay began in a pottery class in 1981. Of course, in the world’s sea of potters, I am simply a drop of experience. There are many others with in-depth technical experience, more clay and glaze mixing experience, and substantial firing experience. I have never had aspirations of being known for the pots I make, but having practiced throwing for over 35 years, I see myself as a skilled thrower. I know the commitment and rhythm needed to make a nice pot. Production potters aspire to fifty of the same mug in an hour for example. The rhythm of production is meditative, with the flowing repetition of the same hand movements combined with the same amount of pressure. It is a practice in seeing, feeling and intending. When I first opened my business I threw pots for survival. I was recently divorced with two babies, ages 2 and 4. Unable to afford childcare, I had to find a way to make a living from home. I always knew that someday I would be a potter... the time had come. Any apprehension about my skills was overshadowed by the responsibility of feeding two children. I made many inferior pots in the beginning, and I had to make a lot of acceptable ones to earn a living. Through that commitment (to feed my kids!) I put in the hours and acquired the skills I have today. Unlike other Potters or Artists, I don't have a degree. Primarily self-taught, I also learned from other potters, beginning with Mrs. Isobelle Karl at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. Mrs. Karl always said “adults should teach themselves” and “it takes a lot of practice!” I lived by those words and remember her telling me to notice what worked and what didn’t. Body awareness was essential, and I learned to pay attention to the subtleties of pressure and placement of the body and hands. Outside of high school I only took one other pottery class, at Skidmore College. Suffice it to say, the teaching style was extremely different and I did not return to the ‘ceramics’ department again. I went on to work for two commercial potteries; the Kilnworks Pottery in St. Thomas, USVI, owned by Peggy Seiwert, and Pottery by Pankratz in Monument, Colorado. But as many potters will tell you, no one can really teach you to throw. You just have to do it - a lot. Like learning to play a musical instrument, or any other art form, after watching and trying other people’s techniques, you find your way into a style and rhythm all your own... with years of practice. In 1999 I opened my business, 'The Voice of Clay', as a production potter selling wholesale. I also started teaching both children and adult classes several times a week. While I was aware of clay’s impact my own energy, it wasn’t until I taught many classes that I realized the effect clay was consistently having on others. People always reported feeling more relaxed, grounded, and centered after a class. I became curious about the therapeutic qualities of clay, but not as in 'art therapy'. I wanted to understand what it was about this material that had such an impact on the body. I looked for a training on-line, what little there was back in 2007 or so, and a woman named Lauana Lei appeared. Her company, LL’s Magnetic Clay (now Enviromedica), was offering a training in clay bath therapy. I flew out to Arizona and was immersed in the healing power of clay - its negative ionic charge which can absorb and adsorb toxins (heavy metals and environmental toxins) from the body through the skin. At this training Lauana invited a biological dentist to speak about the benefits of clay, pre and post mercury amalgam removal. I had no idea what a mercury amalgam was, but soon discovered that I had nine in my mouth, and that mercury is the second most toxic thing on the planet! I returned from that training wanting to do two things - get the nine amalgams removed safely from my teeth and get my Esthetics license so I could immerse people in clay and provide clay body treatments. As a result, I worked for ten years in a spa doing just that - clay body treatments, clay baths, foot baths, and Dr. Hauschka facials. In 2010 my journey shifted. My brother Michael passed away due to complications with diabetes. It was unexpected. I made a conscious choice - to use the pain to further my evolution - enrolling in an MA program for Transpersonal Psychology through Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA. Alongside that education I went through a three year Somatic Breathwork training, so I was learning about altered states of consciousness and then having them! Throughout that four year period I transformed, specifically my emotional body. I discovered how to allow it to flow without letting it rule the roost. I learned enough to completely eradicate the high anxiety I was prone to inflicting on myself. I discovered how to energetically detoxify my system with the breath and with awareness of the mental and emotional bodies. Ultimately I discovered I was the clay, in relationship and co-creating with the “Master Potter” (call it what you will, God, Goddess, Yaweh, Universe, Nature, etc.). I saw the transformation of clay, based on the four elements: water, fire earth and air, as a living example of what we are being asked to ‘see’ in ourselves. Self-reflection and taking responsibility for ones body, thinking and emotions is powerful medicine!
Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, health educator, thyroid expert, holistic health coach and herbalist, dedicated to alternative healing, and sustainable eating and living. Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo's Top Chef. She is a regularly featured expert on CBS News, and hosted the Award Nominated, Fed UP! A cooking show that educates viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments.
Susannah began her Pilates career teaching at Winsor Pilates in 1998, and earned a Romana’s Pilates certification under Romana Kryzanowska in 2002, and trained personally with Jay Grimes for 8 years. Susannah helped choreograph and performed in the Winsor Pilates worldwide successful video workout series. After performing in countless DVDs with Mari Winsor, she branched out on a new venture with an up and coming company, Pilatesstick. Susannah created, starred and produced two DVDs for Pilatesstick, and was featured in Pilatesstyle magazine and on “TV Guide’s” Hollywood Bodies and Hollywood’s Hard Bodies for her work with “The Stick.” Susannah also worked with Gaiam creating Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates, writing fitness blogs and performing in Pilates videos. Susannah's fitness articles have been featured in The HuffingtonPost.com and she has been featured in various online fitness articles. Susannah also holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Performing Arts from St. Mary’s College of California. Susannah and Sam Cotrone opened Cotrone Pilates in 2013, a fully equip Gratz Studio located in West Hollywood and launched their Cotrone Pilates Certification Program in 2018. Susannah can be seen performing Pilates nearly anywhere in the world via Instagram, FB or past Pilates videos, and teaching Pilates is her life’s work. She relishes each lesson she has with her students, as a rewarding and worthy challenge.
Sera has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. She has been blessed with teachers who have searched classically for the patterns of the Universe and Spirit. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda all serve to assist in increasing her depth, sensitivity, and simplicity in ways she lives and practices. Her primary source training has allowed her to be a dynamic teacher and facilitator of the modern age. She is fluent in human physical and psychological mechanics and thus can adjust sequences, lectures, and treatment plans rapidly to accommodate individuals' present needs. In classes we will focus on the science behind the relationships between the body, the mind, and their bridges. We will be most observant of the flow of prana – how and where it moves and does not move in posture and how it relates – or does not – with consciousness. Using the paradigms of Ha-tha Yoga and Ayurveda we will explore our capacity to be both strong and flexible, moving and still, Ha and Tha, and of course, migrate in the direction of steady appreciation and holistic awareness. My goal is to contextualize things that are often taught in broad strokes without context. From this place, it is possible to go deep instead of only wide. When we are aware of context our work is more personalized and profound and thus the impact we have on the people with whom we work will be that much more powerful and in service. By studying and/or working with me you will gain a personal understanding of Yoga and Ayurveda in a way that is usable, approachable, and Classically based.
Liz graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in May of 2000. She has worked in the Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and a TRX group instructor.Following a running injury in 2003, Liz began Pilates and discovered how valuable it was to her then 24-year-old body. She completed the full STOTT Pilates certification in 2005 and launched the first MIDTOWN Pilates program. She worked eight years as a manager and instructor before leaving a large club setting for a studio and focusing only on her Pilates education and training. When Liz is not teaching in the studio she enjoys running, volunteering at her children’s school, baking and training her new Labrador puppy Piper Jane.
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