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Fri Apr 15 at 03:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
One the PAR Group's Senior Partners will describe and demonstrate the elusive skill of influencing; turning the "Art" into something concrete and tangible. Influencing is the skill necessary to execute with real talent and proficiency the most critical skills of business: Leadership, Teamwork, Supervision, Coaching, Project Lead or Management and Consulting.
Audience: Executive decision makers that are looking to improve the people performance to close the gap between organizational expectations and actual performance.
Additional Information
What Leaders Listen to That Others Do Not
How Leaders Establish Conversational Rapport Quickly
How Leaders Connect and Position Their Ideas
How Leaders Get "Buy-in," Support and Commitment
How Leaders Manage Resistance or Reluctance
How Leaders Get Commitment Rather Than Agreement

The briefing will include award winning video illustrations to see demonstrations of the skill of influencing and leadership.