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Fri Dec 11 at 08:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
Everything is energy - from your thoughts to any part of the physical reality. The Chakra system is the subtle energy system within and around the human body. Negative and lower vibrational energy can create energy locks and leaks in this system, which impacts every other part of our lives. Breathwork is a dynamic tool for unlocking and clearing energy in the system creating new, positive amplified energy throughout. Think of it as an energy clearing of your being's impact with 2020!
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Leila has 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. From teaching group classes, workshops, to public speaking or working with clients 1 x 1. Her passion for the healing arts and her years of experience networking in the field are put to use with Learn It Live in growing an aligned team of teachers/ambassadors and in assisting you in succeeding with your online business!
Atlanta, USA
Pine Grove , USA
Here for the world. Supposed to be healer, but have my reservations. Helped someone and she passed 3 days later. I'm a tad away from being completely awakened. Still a rookie Psychic, healer, channeling and Loving GAIA every second of my life.
Corozal, PRI
I have earned a M.Ed. and Certified Holistic Nutritionist
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