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The Triad of Health, endurance segment, is a Yogic exercise class that will help you build the will to endure and face challenges with a positive attitude. This 15 minute class is vigorous and intense but is only for a very short interval and then you can be back to your life. Build vitality into your day and join me for this intense experience of creative movement. Bring a Yoga mat or just be ready to move.
In this class we will take a guided journey through healing your metabolism. This meditation and breath technique is called Break Through Breath and is unique to Dr Denton's teachings. This is a simple form of Yogic movement of energy through your organs and energy pathways. We will take a guided journey through your energy system to enhance your overall well-being and ignite your desire and dedication to the healing path of living with a healthy metabolism. Your metabolism in the study of yoga is directly linked to your positive energy and life force. By the end of this class you will feel vital and alive!
People everywhere, everyday are burdened with the stinging question: Why am I still single?! Finally, there’s someone to help you discover the answer and turn your romantic life around! Siggy Flicker is the people’s #1 Matchmaker with her own show on VH1 and nationally syndicated radio show. Love is the single most important thing in life, but so many people are stuck looking for that special someone. Problem is people often get in their own way! Siggy Flicker knows how to put an end to the baggage and bitterness so many singles walk around with everyday that prevents them from finding The One. Siggy has developed a webinar that will teach singles how to date. Every client Siggy interacts with finds their life transformed because she hands them the tools to the art of choosing. Siggy has created an exciting new workshop series, called “How to Find Love: Learn To Pick’em”, to help singles everywhere find the love of their life.
Learn how to boost mental and physical performance on a plant-based nutrition program. Topics will include: - High net gain nutrition: what it is and how you can benefits from it - Biological debt: what it is, why it's rampant in North america, and how to ensure you're not a victim - Boost energy holistically, without stimulants - Enhance sleep quality (and therefore reduce amount of sleep needed to function at your best) - Reduce recovery time needed between workout and therefore improve athletic performance - Building a biologically younger body: how you can do it - Alkaline-forming nutrition: How you can ensure what you eat will enhance your body's efficiency and conserve energy with every move - How to enhance mental clarity and improve focus and productivity