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Shanti Mission Shanti
Recorded: Jul 14, 2019 at 07:00 am EDT
Satsang is a beautiful mixture of spiritual teaching, music and meditation. It is a wonderful way to connect with yourself, transform and uplift situations in your life and set yourself up vibrationally for the week ahead! Satsang is offered by heartfelt contribution. All are welcome!
Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
Envision the Impossible; Manifest the Possible. Inviting people of all ages, genders, and cultures who care about their families, their communities, their nation, and our world, and want to contribute to a harmonious, sustainable planet. Join us.
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This class is for anyone who has been faced with the overwhelming decision to end a beloved animal's life. If you have had a lifetime with animals, you have probably had this painful experience. Perhaps you wonder and worry that you ended your animal's life too soon, or waited too long and thereby prolonged their suffering. Euthanasia guilt is very powerful and overwhelming and adds complexity to healing our grief over the loss of a beloved animal. If you would like an opportunity to communicate with your animal(s), this is the webinar you have been waiting for. If you have regrets, guilt, or even questions, we can release and heal these during our session together with the animals who have crossed.
Each week we will explore a new reading from Sri Sakthi Amma's Connect with the Divine series of discourses. Together we will practice turning knowledge of these teachings into wisdom for our lives. This program is open to all and will be useful for all of us interested in applying these spiritual tools and teachings to our current life situations to create deeper peace and surrender. This is a drop in class with no prior reading necessary. However, for those interested in pre-reading, the discourse of the week will be posted in Connect with Divine Facebook Group. Course Books: Connect with Divine Volumes 1-5
Join us for this half-hour FREE introduction to the history, rites and teachings of the very ancient Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays and its branch, The Sisterhood of Sophia.
You want to know what you are supposed to do with your life. It is the universal angst, so it is time to resolve it. You are the best person to decide how to become your best self, from the practical to the mystical. Receive some suggestions, some practical and mystical advice, and the tips and tools to create the life you need and want to grow your soul, to prosper, and to enjoy your beautiful life.
This is a 6 week class for anyone interested in going deeper with mantra. We will be studying and learning the Durga Suktam. You are welcome to attend in person at our Castle Hill (Sydney) ashram or to join us online.
Has chronic illness robbed you of your ability to do the things that used to make you feel good about yourself? Has your self-esteem taken a knock? Join me for the 7th of my FREE monthly workhops, where I'll be sharing strategies for rebuilding your self-esteem after chronic illness knocks it down.
Why is Frankincense called the KING of all essential oils? Throughout the Bible, Frankincense essential oil is mentioned many times. Most of us have heard of the three wise men bringing the baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Maybe Frankincense is called the KING of all the essential oils because it can be used in place of any essential oil. And it was a gift to the KING of KINGS! Don't miss this exciting and informative live webinar on the KING of Essential Oils!
Free exploration of Soul Progression Clearing, a clearing and healing modality created by Robyn M Fritz that includes intuitive insight into an issue, shamanic techniques, assistance of spirit guides and divinities, and Reiki and crystal energy healing. It clears issues or blockages that may go back earlier in this lifetime or to past lives and clears attachments, from entities to thoughtforms.
Free introduction to OM Times Expert Robyn M Fritz: who she is, what she does, her journey from illness and disability to health and balance, and how she came to do her intuitive and spiritual consulting work. Robyn believes in Planetary Connection, a mindset she learned from working with non-humans, from weather and land systems to homes and businesses. It means humans are equal with all life, not caretakers and guardians. This frees us to be our best and to grow in self-love and service to our families, cities, countries, and our conscious, evolving planet, and to tap our innate intuitive and healing abilities.
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