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People everywhere, everyday are burdened with the stinging question: Why am I still single?! Finally, there’s someone to help you discover the answer and turn your romantic life around! Siggy Flicker is the people’s #1 Matchmaker with her own show on VH1 and nationally syndicated radio show. Love is the single most important thing in life, but so many people are stuck looking for that special someone. Problem is people often get in their own way! Siggy Flicker knows how to put an end to the baggage and bitterness so many singles walk around with everyday that prevents them from finding The One. Siggy has developed a webinar that will teach singles how to date. Every client Siggy interacts with finds their life transformed because she hands them the tools to the art of choosing. Siggy has created an exciting new workshop series, called “How to Find Love: Learn To Pick’em”, to help singles everywhere find the love of their life.
This class is for anyone who has experienced trauma. We will use a mind-body approach that draws on imagery, guided meditation, movement and positive cognitive psychology to help people experiencing trauma to take the necessary steps to safely reach a state of relaxed, focused awareness so that the body's nervous system is more receptive to change and so that old wounds (physical and emotional) can heal more readily.
Tell your story and promote your cause, idea, service or product. The future belongs to storytellers who can create meaning out of raw information and inspire people to action. By the end of this session you should have started the outline of a new story and have learned a template for creating new stories whenever you need. Discover: • your storytelling strengths and weaknesses • how to create a story that promotes your product, service or vision • the do's and don'ts of good storytelling • how to use a unique story writing template After surveying hundreds of presenters-- the number one concern they have is BEING MORE ENGAGING. Neuroscience studies show that as soon as a speaker starts to tell a story, people’s brains light up. Storytelling is one of the few human traits that is truly universal across culture and through all known history. It was the way most information was conveyed between people before the printing press…so for thousands of years. There will be no replay link. You need to attend on the day to access this class. Get the handout here: http://www.speakersuccessu.com/funnels/6873
Discover 3 tips for breaking free from the overwhelm mindset-- and reconnect to a quality of life while also attending to your obligations and deadlines.