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Anne G angel shows you how to tap into your intuition to deepen your souls connection to your mind, body and spirit. Utilize crystals and aroma therapy for deeper healing and soul connections. She will teach you how to connect to your Angels and Guides ; to assist you in strengthening your physic abilities and to be able to listen to your body for messages. She will also help you uncover your spiritual gifts ; so you're able to utilize them in every day life to help you navigate along the challenging times of your journey.
This is a beginners astrology workshop and no previous experience with astrology is required to attend. Meredith will walk you through the basics of the birth chart to help unlock your full potential and true calling. The signs, planets, houses and past life symbols in the chart will be presented. Join Meredith to learn how to start to learn to read your own personalized map for your life - your natal chart! Be sure to dig up your birth time and place of birth if you can before this presentation.
In this workshop, I teach HSP how to process and heal through understanding their unique trait of sensitivity and giving them tools to empower and help them transform back into light and wholeness. I am called to do this because I had to do it for myself, so it became a personal calling and passion. If you will, If you are Looking to have more control over your sensitivity and learn how to utilize your unique gifts to enhance your life and unleashes your true potentiality. then I created this course for you!! in this workshop we will learn the differences between being highly sensitive and being an Empath. We will also explore some of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental manifestations that go along with being born as a sensitive and/or an empath. The workshop will cover the following Topics: * Strategies and tools to help create balance in their day-to-day lives. * Physical and genetic differences of being an empath and HSP * How to manage your sensitivity with spiritual and physical daily practices and exercises. * Learned the function of the energy body and how to clear protect and ground your energy. * Learn the eight different types of Empaths, and this specific psychic abilities associated with each of them. And * Tools to balance your emotions and constructive ways in dealing with anxiety and overstimulation. I have seen the evidence of incorporating The healing practices in this workshop to thousands of individuals and I am confident that you will feel more grounded and empowered with your unique trait of sensitivity after you integrate these practices into your life! They are truly transformational!
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The steel tongue drum is the hottest new instrument in sound healing! Easy to play (you seriously can't get it wrong!), this amazing instrument is great as a standalone or to incorporate into your sound baths. It works well with singing bowls or as a relaxing addition to a yoga class. As a personal meditation/relaxation tool, it is very soothing and magical. In this introductory class, you will learn about how to use a basic tongue drum for your own healing as well as for clients or groups. We will also cover where to get an affordable tongue drum.
Pendulums have been a powerful tool of communication between humans and the spirit world for eons allowing you to ask questions and receive insights to anything in your daily life. Learn how to use a pendulum to talk to your guides, listen to your own body to find the right supplements/nutrition, and create a simple pendulum from items around your house. Join us for this FREE class live and ask your questions or watch the recorded class and practice your skills.
Doorways to another realm have been popular in our mythology, stories and movies like Doctor Who, Chronicles of Narnia and Stargate, but are these energy gateways real? Discover more about Portals, learn who and what uses these powerful vortexes and identify if you have one in your house or land. You are invited to ask your questions live or watch the recording after the class.
Discover who is guiding you from the Spirit world in this free class and learn easy tools to help you communicate with this powerful guardian. Practice an easy meditation, start a spirit journal and create an alter for your prayers and blessings. You have a loving team of Angels, Animals, Ancestors, Dragons, Fairies, Star People and more waiting to assist you in manifesting your dreams now. This class will be recorded or join the live class to ask your questions!
Are you curious about crystal skulls? Want to learn how you can awaken your own crystal skull? Come join Raven Many Voices and her crystal skull Edgar as you discover more about these amazing beings of light. Even if you do not have a crystal skull connect to their amazing healing energy to expand your consciousness and reveal hidden wisdom. Release your fear and create a new relationship to these powerful healers awakening all over our planet now!
Come join us on the day of love and dive deeper into the mysterious energy of Kundalini, tantric and more. Kundalini is a natural energy of life that can help you to restore your body, find your partner of love and bring passion into everything you enjoy. Bring an open mind and lots of questions as we explore a topic that can be exotic and a little confusing at times. This will be a recorded class.
Ignite your awareness of this infinite spiritual resource. Enjoy a more conscious connection with your Soul. Join us and become Awake, Aware, and Aligned! In this inspiring, interactive hour together, the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies shares: 1. How the Akashic Records are organized 2. Guidelines supporting your success working in the Records 3. The Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records 4. Intuition versus the Records We'll have a wonderful hour together sharing a guided meditation, an inspired curriculum, Akashic exercises, and time for YOUR QUESTIONS! This is YOUR TIME!