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Confidence is no accident. What needs to be cleared out of the way, and what needs to be nurtured for Confidence to grow within you? Let Deborah Ivanoff, Emotional-Rebalance Coach, guide you into reclaiming confidence you might have forgotten, and set you on the path to grow and nurture new found confidence so that you can more easily handle difficult situations, connect more easily with friends and clients, and find new solutions in any area of your life.
Andrew Espiritu
Language > English
Recorded: Jul 16, 2013 at 04:00 am EST
Students will learn and practice useful phrases in negotiating contracts and checking up with clients (client relationships).
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Consumers and businesses are spending less. Competition is fierce and the cost of poor writing is an expense your business can no longer afford. You need employees who produce more powerful and compelling documents in less time. Your employees will improve their writing skills, fill in skill gaps, and increase their productivity in this practical, interactive webinar series. First, they will learn the fastest organizing, getting-started tool on the planet. Second, they will learn a time-tested strategy to logically unpack their messages. In this two-session webinar series, participants will learn to: - Streamline the writing process from inception to document completion - Analyze the reader for appropriate messaging and tone - Write with clarity and conciseness - Increase productivity and prevent rework - Polish their professional image - Write compelling documents that get the desired action
Have you ever had a disagreement with a work colleague, maybe the boss a supplier or even a customer? Wish you could have handled it better and achieved a better resolution? It happens to all of us at some time and it can be difficult, unpleasant and upsetting to both parties, not to mention very costly to the organisation. When we get emotional we lose perspective and clarity very quickly which usually makes matters worse! As a behavioural specialist and accomplished management trainer, Julian will begin by explaining the range of behaviours likely to be demonstrated in a conflict situation, including your own! Only when these are understood can we work out the best way to move towards a resolution and by doing so we become more effective managers. When you use these techniques you will be better able to deal with difficult situations and to quickly arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. In this two-session workshop, participants will learn to: • Differentiate between Aggressive, Assertive, Passive & Passive/ Aggresive behaviour • Analyse the real cause of a conflict • Understand their own conflict behaviour and the consequences • Understand the options available to resolve the conflict • Create a personal strategy to resolve future conflict situations
Jim Cathcart
Career Development
Recorded: Jun 10, 2013 at 10:00 am EST
When you speak in front of a group does your power increase or decrease? Learn from one of the world's most award winning professional speakers how you can be more confident, more persuasive and more effective in communicating with a group of any size. Speaking to five or five thousand; the techniques may vary but the principles are the same. Join us in this entertaining behind-the-scenes look at how you can speak like the pros do.
Result Driven Business Communication, focusing on engagement, positive language, managing up, communicating through challenges, clarity vs brevity, framing the message, critiquing with class, and much more.
Your personal brand consists of many things: knowledge, experiences, personality, friends, family, accomplishments, failures, attire, verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude, values, faith, and much more. Personal branding is who you are, what's inside, and how that translates to everyday actions, behaviors, and decisions. Your brand value translates directly to the value of the team, organization, and/or business. We will explore the topic during this session.
Rob Prinzo
Career Development
Ended: May 21, 2013 at 10:15 am EST
Planning is the process by which an organization visualizes its future, builds strategic goals and develops plans to achieve their vision. However, developing a plan does not have to be a major event requiring an off-site retreat, consultants and breakout sessions. The following is a simple process that will help you develop an effective plan and obtain the buy-in necessary to move your initiative forward. In this session, participants will learn: The importance of the planning process Assessing the current state Developing an effective, prioritized plan Building consensus to move your plan forward This course will consist of two 60 minute sessions with 15 minutes for time for Q&A
It is a fact that if you combine people, a common environment, and enough time there will be conflict. It is not a possibility, but an inevitability. We must then learn to plan, prepare, and manage this conflict in a healthy manner. We can start this process by understanding and extolling the benefits of having and mining for conflict.
The ability to creatively handle constant change will be the most sought after skill in the 21st Century. - Alvin Toffler, Futurist After 21 years of research we have identified the top 3 mindsets of people who can stay or easily regain the ability to be centered, calm, healthy, high integrity, communicative and proactive in the face of constant change. We call these people “Change Artists”. The skills of a Change Artist don’t actually need to be learned, they are innate skills that you just need to remember to access. During this interactive, enjoyable and practical session you will discover how to: * identify the difference between change resistance and change fatigue • respond proactively to challenges versus being reactive • find clarity in chaotic situations versus getting overwhelmed • train your brain to stay in a high performance states no matter what • turn a complaint, concern or challenge into a brilliant idea • invite commitment and engagement to change initiatives • create a culture of innovation in which high vitality and open communication are the norm The Artistry of Change® is an innovative system that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, psychology, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. Witness how these fields are merging in exciting ways to produce the new ‘workplace artistry'.
As the state of business continues to shift it is critically important for you to re-examine the value your drive, realign how the way you have always done things, and re-emerge to brilliantly shining. This is a call to accelerate, embrace disruption and harness individual and organizational potential. Discover simple and easy steps to: - Re-examine the value you deliver to your organization. - Create your personal brand to brilliantly establish yourself and your company every day, in every way. - Become a Chief Breakthrough Officer in your company. - Learn the 3 most important questions that ignite creativity and innovation
Leadership is challenging. It is an art, not a science. Leadership involves a dynamic relationship between your workforce, product, and customers. Mistakes as a leader will be compounded because of the scope of your role. Mistakes will happen, but most are avoidable, especially if you know about the common pitfalls. We�ll examine common mistakes involving communication, motivation, connection with your employees and even an overestimation of the importance of your role.
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