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I am your ambassador of health, joy and abundance.


Graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, (Certified Holistic Health Coach) Professional Certified mBIT Coach and PSYCH-K Facilitator and Loving your life certified facilitator.

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Ramona is a Psych-K (PK) facilitator . PK has it's roots in neuroscience, psychology and immunology and uses a combination of Reiki, Huna and other ancient traditions of healing. It also has elements of neuroscience and psychology backed by the latest science made available to us. Ramona is also a professional Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) Professional Coach. mBIT is a new field and combines positive psychology (science based) as well as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). Whether you are familiar with these modalities or not, it doesn't matter. The results speak for themselves and Ramona's clients' success stories are endless. Her ...See All

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Ramona Beville
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Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 07:00 pm EDT
Do you feel challenged when trying to keep your blood sugar balanced? Cravings on top of cravings, feeling deprived and restricted and always trying to do the right thing is really difficult. I understand, I have been there, but I have found solutions. Let me share them with you. If you are feeling uncomfortable and out of control, I get it and I am here to help you. It does not have to be difficult to reach your desired health outcomes and you don't have to feel alone. I will share my journey and how I finally got off the blood sugar roller coaster. It's not about perfectionism, this pursuit of health, and following all the 'rules' but about changing your mindset. We expect ourselves to be perfect and it's just not realistic. I will share with you how being easier on yourself and adding the right ingredients into your life is the path to ease and grace and finding your balance. I know you might feel like you've tried everything. Are you ready for a new perspective? What if you believed you had control of your destiny and it didn't have to be difficult? Things do become easier just by believing something different about yourself. We are the results of our thoughts, actions and attitudes, and it all starts with your beliefs. You will learn tools to believe in yourself and to uncover beliefs that do not serve you. Are you ready to start believing and applying the actions that create the life and great health you deserve? Here is what you will learn when you join my 'stop sabotaging behaviors' live call: 1 Cravings, their cause and how to control them. 2 Use the power of your brain to balance blood sugar. 3 How I went from unhealthy and unhappy to healthy and happy and how you can too.
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