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Janet Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP (Masters in Mental Health Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Diplomate: Comprehensive Energy Psychology) is a teacher and holistic healing facilitator with over forty years of experience helping individuals, groups, and veterans. Her peers would refer to her as a distinguished expert in stress reduction.

One of her specialties is helping individuals with chronic illness regain emotional and physical resilience and the ability to move forward in their lives.

In addition to her therapeutic work with individuals and groups, Ms. Nestor is also a best-selling author. The success of her ...See All


Alderson-Broaddus University - Sociology
James Madison University - Special Education
University of Sarasota - Mental Health Counseling

Experience and Distinctions

Janet's Publications:
Pathways to Wholeness: Center of Well-Being Publications (2010)

Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: Balboa/Hay House (2012) Holistic Best Seller

Transforming Fear into Gold: Foreword and Chapter (2012) Book author Barbara Stone, PhD

Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages for Messengers: Xulon Publishing (2015)

Kindle: Embracing Your Joy: Center of Well-being Publications (2015)

Kindle: Wisdom of Midlife Women 2: Inspired Living Publishing's bestselling collaborative book. (2015)

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Let's Get Radical! This class, (and the upcoming series of classes), is for you if you are on a personal growth journey, a spiritual quest, or if you have a difficult life issue that just does not go away no matter what you do. You'll learn about: Radical Self-Care: Approaching your life issues with a nonjudgmental kindness that fosters increased insight, self-awareness, and personal growth. You'll become your own best friend. Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: Developed in 2006, this is a mindfulness based enrichment program (and a release and recovery program) that is both healing and rejuvenating. You'll learn coping skills designed to become a way of life. Mindful Life-Style: A lifestyle that is present moment focused, joyful, aware, and nonjudgmental. Energy Psychology: Chakra or Meridian based brief energy therapies sometimes called emotional acupressure. Radical Self-Care uses the energy psychology Radiant Energies Balance for the release of negative ideas, beliefs, feelings, or memories that keep you from moving forward. It also makes possible the installation of positive ideas, beliefs and feelings. Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Journaling, and the use of Affirmations to enrich your life. During the January 12th class you'll learn about invisible stressors that create tension that often underlie chronic stress. You'll learn the basic workings of your autonomic nervous system, the part of your nervous system that controls all the automatic functions within your body (blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm) You'll begin to acquire the sills to rejuvenate and establish a working Relaxation Response which is the ability to recover quickly after any stressful or traumatic life event.
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Janet Nestor
Recorded: Dec 10, 2015 at 08:30 pm EST
Quick tips on quieting your monkey mind Experience a guided meditation designed to bring your fully present.
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