There is an old saying, "Never give a sword to a person who can't dance". This wisdom speaks directly to minds that are stuck and cannot move rhythmically but are bound to fear, anxiety and neglect. When minds become inflexible, we are disenfranchised from our authentic, intuitive self, causing suffering and pain. With authenticity comes creativity and with creativity, we discover our life. My endeavor is to help individuals who feel stuck, lost and/or confused and have trouble getting on track to that authentic life. I have had the rare opportunity to be trained for over 40 years in both ...See All


1974 - 1981: Hindu Monastic; Ashram House Father
1991 - 1996: Foundation of Shamanic Studies
1994 - 2001 Tibetan, Celtic, Peruvian, Native American, Romani and
Mongolian Shamanic Studies
2012: Zen Peacemakers Order; Precept Holder
2014 -
present: Study and Practice of Buddhism & SatipatthÄna Sutras

Experience and Distinctions

Gregory Besek is a lifelong spiritual practitioner and religious mystic. Raised a Roman Catholic, Greg began his extended spiritual training in 1972, becoming a solitary monk and taking the Hindu Brahmacharya vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. In 1974, he was accepted into a Hindu Ashram where he lived for 5 years as an Ashram House Father and monastic under the tutelage of Guru Maharaj Ji of Hardwar, India. Here he studied and practiced the essence of the Hindu Vedic lifestyle of service, satsang and meditation until 1980.

As a result of a spontaneous spiritual experience in ...See All

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