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As an international citizen, I have left the world of academia behind to teach my knowledge gained as an Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer. While still chairing conference panels and publishing scholarly articles on an international level, I trained in Akashic Field Therapy, Quantum-Touch, Reiki, the MerKaBa Meditation, and an energy healing modality called Peak Performance Program in the USA.

Being a clairsentient Indigo, empath, and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), the Healing Arts now combine beautifully with my life-long occupation as teacher and professor; in 2014, I was honored to be the first speaker in ...See All


Ph.D. in English (M.A. in English, Psychology, Linguistics)
Akashic Field Therapy (TM)
Quantum-Touch (TM)
Reiki Master
MerKaBa Meditation
Peak Performance Program

Experience and Distinctions

My expertise lies in intuitively accessing the strengths in any person on which to build more wisdom. Clearing blocks in and building on the spiritual, conceptual, and physical areas, my modalities work to enhance their symbiotic excellence.

Working internationally in person, with groups, and online, I also offer Meditation Courses, Forgiveness Courses, Cosmic Energy Workshops, and Writing Workshops.

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Expert Services Offered
1 Hour of Guided Meditation Practice   ($35)

Here, you can practice any aspect of meditation with me that you feel would improve your own practice, be it visualization, breathing, stillness, etc.

Learning Intrest
About Dr. Ronja Vieth
Group Classes (9)
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This final class of a series of seven will cover the elusive concept of non-attachment so essential to the stillness we seek in meditation. As usual, there will be time for discussion and questions at the end.
For beginners & intermediate practitioners alike, second to last class number 6 compares affirmations and mantras before guiding you through an easy mediation that teaches you to exchange a negative feeling with a positive one. It will end with time for discussion and questions. The last class will cover: ~ stillness & non-attachment
For beginners & intermediate practitioners alike, this course discusses and practices with live meditations the essential elements of successful meditation. Today's part 5 trains your imagination and visualization skills. There will be time for discussion, sharing, and questions. The following classes will cover: ~ affirmations ~ stillness & non-attachment