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Dr. Brooke grew up in a Health and Wellness Industry. Her mother, was the creator and owner of award-winning lifestyle spas. The environment was rich with Eastern philosophy and whole body healing approaches to health. Dr. Brooke's Ailments were addressed with a gentle integrative approach, which educated her on the body's amazing capabilities of healing. Brooke found in passing that Eastern Medicine and/or an Integrative approach to medicine in our Western society was foreign to a lot of Americans. With her passion for connecting the mind, body and spirit to medicine, Brooke knew her calling was to become a ...See All


Dr. Brooke Higgins, D.O.M, A.P, L.Ac is a Primary Care Physician , specializing in Oriental Medicine, Hypnotist and NLP (neuro linguistic practitioner), Medical Intuitive and Natural Empath. Owner of an award winning practice and wellness center. A former board of directors member of the Florida State Association of Oriental Medicine and current professional member.

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MEDICAL INTUITIVE AND PSYCHIC MEDIUM There are so many varieties of how people talk to “Spirit”. Spirit meaning souls that are no longer in a physical body. Join Dr. Brooke Higgins (Medical Intuitive) and Marisa Meddin (Psychic Medium) as they answer a variety of questions around Spirit and the difference between how they work with Spirit. This will be conversational with time allotted to ask questions in regards to how each of them work. Marisa Meddin Bio: Marisa is a psychic medium, where she communicates with those who have passed on through the process of automatic writing. Her mission is to help others heal, gain a sense of closure, and receive answers to questions that they wish they could ask a friend or loved one who no longer remains here physically. Prior to discovering her gift of mediumship, Marisa received a business degree from one of the top business schools in the US, and worked for six years in the corporate world before becoming a transformational life coach. She received her coaching certification through the Robbins-Madanes program, completed an intensive 22 week Mediumship program with Jamie Butler to develop her psychic medium abilities, and has also trained in Beyond Quantum Healing to perform past life regressions and hypnosis techniques. Though Marisa was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she has a passion for travel, and has lived in and visited over 60 countries while working remotely in a career that she loves, serving as a medium, coach and healer.
Learn all about what a Medical Intuitive is considered and how I ( Dr. Brooke Higgins) work with spirit with health , healing , and well-being.
Understanding how to properly use self cupping for the face. Good For: Sinus challenges, Puffy Eyes, Ear Pain, TMJ ( Jaw Pain ) , Wrinkles , Numbness , Scars.
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